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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.”

Tech Savvy Team

Leave the technologies to us. We are a highly motivated tech team that finds the best solution to generate your business the best ROI.

Camille Katigbak

Camille is the Co-Founder of Katigbak Technologies and is our Marketing Director and Lead Graphic Designer. She has a Legal Assistant Diploma and 3+ years of Corporate Law experience. As of recent, she has acquired her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management at the University of Lethbridge. During her education she has been building Katigbak Technologies alongside her partner to help businesses flourish and prosper in terms of marketing and advertising. Camille’s responsibilities include: managing the marketing and graphic design team, implementing marketing strategies, planning and creating brand cohesiveness and lastly ensuring the needs of the client are met.

Mc Francis Katigbak

Co-Founder of Katigbak Technologies, Mc Francis has over 10+ years in the Information Technology field, connecting people to technologies is his forte. Worked for private and public sector where he has helped manage the network infrastructures of 300+ sites with 10,000+ employees. Mc Francis has acquired his Bachelor’s Degree of Applied Technology Information Systems, Network Management from SAIT Polytechnic and has earned designation as Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer, and has acquired the Cisco Certified Network Professional Routing & Switching industry certification. Mc Francis’ responsibilities include: business automation, managing networks, building IT infrastructures, and lastly, creating and monitoring digital advertisements for clients.

Rustie Jr. Katigbak

Rustie is an IT Specialist and Web Developer of Katigbak Technologies. He has acquired a Network System Administrator Diploma through CDI Business Health & Technology and finished his internship with the University of Calgary. Currently Rustie is responsible for ensuring networks and infrastructures are in place, building and maintaining websites, and keeping regular upkeep of IT systems for clients.

Serenity Katigbak

Serenity is a graphic design helper. She has started designing her very own anime drawings at the age of 5 years old. She sold them as merchandise and created a business out of it. She has learned entrepreneurship at a very young age and is interested in helping business owners use social media to scale their businesses. Serenity's responsibilities include: creating content in our email marketing campaigns and social media postings.

Laura G.

Laura is one of our social media managers and copywriters. She has attended the Autonomous University of Baja California; Mexico where she took her Bachelor of Science and majored in medicine. She worked as a general practitioner in 2017 but has then decided to pursue a career as a writer and began looking for translation projects online to improve her English language skills. In addition, she has worked as an English instructor for the last two years at a local school. She has then been working as a freelancer for the last three years on multiple online platforms, doing translations from English to Spanish and vice versa for different projects such as books, blogs, medical articles and websites, social media, etc. She has also worked as a copywriter and editor in both languages on projects such as blogs and product descriptions for online stores. Laura’s responsibilities include: writing for various projects such as advertisements and social media postings for our clients and also ensuring such writing is professional and caters to the brand.

Maria L.

Maria is another one of our amazing marketing specialists, she comes from a background of healthcare and took Bachelor of Science, majoring in nursing at Our Lady of Fatima University-Valenzuela, Philippines. She passed the 2008 Nursing Licence exam in the Philippines and has then shifted her career in 2013 to pursue working as a VA having 7+ years experience in administration and marketing. She now specializes in Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing Manager and Lead Generation. Currently, Maria’s primary roles include: engaging/ increasing Facebook audiences, generating leads through Facebook, LinkedIn, copy writing and building email lists.

Ana G.

Ana is one of our graphic designers, animators, and copywriters. She attended the University of El Salvador and took Bachelor of Arts with an option in Graphic Design. Right after graduation, she entered the world of animation, as a Digital Animator Assistant with duties: Inbetweener, Digital Painter, and Composting Artist. By using software such as Toon Boom, Flash, and After Effects. Currently, Ana is responsible for helping us with our graphic design artwork, animation, and copy writing for different brands.

Sufian A.

Abu is one of our graphic designers and video animators. He brings along with him 5+ years experience as a Motion Designer and VFX artist. He has worked with several international, multinational and national companies. He also has been a freelancer for more than 5 years. His background includes Motion Graphic works, CGI, Visual Effects, Animation and Video Editing for video productions in news, sports, concerts, commercials, and music videos with proficiency in a broad range of software applications and technical tools. Abu works closely with our graphic design team and ensures that your vision for graphics, creatives and animations come to life!

Marites G.

Marites is one of our digital marketers and virtual assistants, she assists our clients with brand awareness through Facebook and provides minor copywriting work. She has completed her studies at Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University and has completed a four-year degree in Bachelor of Science majoring in Pure Mathematics in 2010. Currently, Marites’ primary roles include increasing brand awareness of our clients on Facebook, copywriting for ads and social media posts and assists with day-to-day operations for our business.

Lea S.

Lea is our receptionist, admin assistant and content creator and has a science, hospitality and management background. After graduation, she landed her first job as a receptionist where she worked at the front desk performing tasks such as welcoming and directing visitors appropriately, as well as answering and managing all incoming phone calls amongst other administrative tasks. Afterwards, she worked as an Assistant Manager which helped her develop her organizational skills, multitasking skills, built her confidence and interpersonal skills while remaining keen to detail and composed under pressure. By the time the pandemic started, she took the opportunity to enroll in Basic Accounting and had completed multiple courses and certificates. These achievements helped her gain more experience and take her first steps into the freelancing industry. As an Assistant and Content Creator, Lea is responsible for administrative tasks in the company, such as cold outreach, answering phone calls, taking messages, and arranging meetings, as well as assisting in social media content creation.

Ardenne P.

Ardenne is our Social Media Account Manager and Business Development Rep. She is a graduate from the University of Lethbridge where she received her Bachelor of Management degree majoring in Marketing, with a minor in New Media. Ardenne has had years of experience in customer service and marketing working with different types of people and businesses. She shows passion and commitment in her work and has developed her skills and gained experience from her previous roles. Ardenne's responsibilities include social media account management and assisting the content creation team with graphic design, video recording/editing and copywriting. Lastly, Ardenne will be developing business relationships and strategic partnerships with Katigbak Technologies and other organizations as our new Business Development Rep.

Rhie Jam G.

Rhie is our general assistant here at Katigbak Technologies. She started her journey as an entrepreneur at an early age and has managed her own business for 12 years. She decided to join the hospitality industry by taking her Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management. She has also finished the Diploma Program in Tourism at AGA Academy in Calgary. This program has provided her with the knowledge she needs to perform a wide variety of activities related to accommodation, transportation, and attraction for both business and leisure purposes. Working with customer service businesses has allowed her to acquire great experience in different duties, including managing daily operations, providing reports and information, as well as ensuring an excellent experience for all customers. Her experience and skills make her a great fit for Katigbak Technologies as an assistant to the management team assisting with every day-to-day operational tasks.

Alyssa L.

Alyssa is our Junior Social Media Account Manager, she received her Diploma for Geomatics Engineering at SAIT and later her Bachelor of Applied Technology Geographic Information Systems Degree. Alyssa also has 2 years of Sales and Marketing experience and in her spare time, she likes to listen to podcasts and be around people. As a Junior Social Media Manager, Alyssa’s responsibilities include working closely with clients to ensure their needs are met, whether it’s through social media, sales, or generating leads. Creating written and visual content and assisting the marketing team to create video content. We know that with Alyssa’s great skillset she will be able to help our company continue to grow.

Vincent M.

Vincent is our Software / Web Developer & Designer and an IT Support. He has acquired his Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology with Specialization in Web and Mobile Applications at Far Eastern University, Philippines. He gained work experience as an Application Administrator and IT Support intern in Manulife Business Processing Services, Philippines before continuing his studies and acquired a Certificate in Web Developer that would allow him work more closely on developing websites through SAIT. Currently, Vincent is responsible for website development and design, as well as any IT and software related work within the organization.

Scarleth DG.

Scarleth has 9 years of experience in customer service, and 9 years in sales working with different types of people and businesses. She graduated in the Health Care Field, however, business has always been an interest. Joining Katigbak Technologies, she hopes to grow her career with all the experiences she's gained from previous jobs and hopes to gain more knowledge about marketing. She loves being around people, loves to talk and aside from work, volleyball is her favorite sport to play, even though she's short. As a Junior Social Media Manager, her responsibilities at Katigbak Technologies are to manage the marketing needs of our clients whether that's providing them with social media and content creation, lead generation or video marketing.


Baymax is our Artificial Intelligence behind Katigbak Technologies. He is the one that informs us of the latest technologies to implement for our business. We've created an all-in-one marketing and IT platform to help small businesses scale rapidly online. When we are having system issues, Baymax is the one that will take care of it.


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