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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.”

Tech Savvy Team

Leave the technologies to us. We are a highly motivated tech team that finds the best solution to generate your business the best ROI.

Camille Katigbak

Meet Camille Katigbak, a dynamic and accomplished CEO at the forefront of our organization. With a versatile skill set, Camille excels in overseeing all day-to-day operations, with a particular focus on sales, marketing, business operations, communication, and social media specialization. Camille's dedication to client relationships is unparalleled – she regularly engages with clients, ensuring a deep understanding of their needs and expectations. This hands-on approach is a testament to her commitment to delivering exceptional services. At the helm of our video marketing team, Camille leads with creativity and innovation, crafting strategies that resonate with audiences and enhance our brand presence. In the world of business, Camille Katigbak stands out as a leader who combines strategic acumen with a genuine passion for effective communication. Get to know more about her and the impact of her leadership on our organization.

Mc Francis Katigbak

Co-Founder of Katigbak Technologies, Mc Francis has over 10+ years in the Information Technology field, connecting people to technologies is his forte. Worked for private and public sector where he has helped manage the network infrastructures of 300+ sites with 10,000+ employees. Mc Francis has acquired his Bachelor’s Degree of Applied Technology Information Systems, Network Management from SAIT Polytechnic and has earned designation as Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer, and has acquired the Cisco Certified Network Professional Routing & Switching industry certification. Mc Francis’ responsibilities include: business automation, managing networks, building IT infrastructures, and lastly, creating and monitoring digital advertisements for clients.

Rustie Jr. Katigbak

Rustie Junior Katigbak is a certified and highly skilled IT professional with experience in technical support, web development, and network administration; highly skilled in Computing Technology (A+, Net+, Security+, and Network Architecture), Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE): Core Infrastructure, Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA), Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, and CyberSec First Responder: Threat Detection and Response. He holds certifications from Cisco, Microsoft, and CompTIA, and has a diploma in Network Systems Administration. Rustie has a proven track record of utilizing technical skills to provide effective support to clients, resolve operational issues, and improve IT services. He is a critical thinker, an excellent communicator, and a team player who is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service.

Jeanette Katigbak

Jeanette is a valuable asset to Katigbak Technologies as an assistant, seamlessly weaving her skills across various departments. Her role extends beyond mere administrative tasks, as she actively contributes to the company's vibrant atmosphere through her prowess in content creation and copywriting. Jeanette's keen eye for detail and creativity shine through in her work, elevating the company's communications to new heights. Beyond her desk, she plays a pivotal role in ensuring the success of events and company activities, effortlessly coordinating logistics and ensuring everything runs smoothly. Jeanette's multifaceted talents make her an indispensable member of the Katigbak Technologies team, embodying the spirit of collaboration and excellence across all facets of the organization.

Ana G.

Ana is one of our graphic designers, animators, and copywriters. She attended the University of El Salvador and took Bachelor of Arts with an option in Graphic Design. Right after graduation, she entered the world of animation, as a Digital Animator Assistant with duties: Inbetweener, Digital Painter, and Composting Artist. By using software such as Toon Boom, Flash, and After Effects. Currently, Ana is responsible for helping us with our graphic design artwork, animation, and copy writing for different brands.

Sufian A.

Abu is one of our graphic designers and video animators. He brings along with him 5+ years experience as a Motion Designer and VFX artist. He has worked with several international, multinational and national companies. He also has been a freelancer for more than 5 years. His background includes Motion Graphic works, CGI, Visual Effects, Animation and Video Editing for video productions in news, sports, concerts, commercials, and music videos with proficiency in a broad range of software applications and technical tools. Abu works closely with our graphic design team and ensures that your vision for graphics, creatives and animations come to life!

Lea S.

Lea stands as a dynamic Account Manager at Katigbak Technologies, serving as the primary point of contact for clients. Collaborating closely with the brand developer and marketing strategist, Lea brings a unique blend of creativity and strategy to the table. In her role as a liaison between clients and the content creation team, she navigates the intricate balance of understanding client expectations and translating them into actionable plans for the team. Lea takes charge of ensuring the smooth completion of projects, overseeing the final stages of social media posts, websites, and video marketing campaigns. With her meticulous approach and strong communication skills, Lea not only fosters strong client relationships but also contributes significantly to the success of each project. Her dedication to excellence is evident in the seamless execution of tasks, making her an invaluable asset to Katigbak Technologies and their commitment to delivering exceptional solutions to clients.

Vincent M.

Vincent is our Software / Web Developer & Designer and an IT Support. He has acquired his Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology with Specialization in Web and Mobile Applications at Far Eastern University, Philippines. He gained work experience as an Application Administrator and IT Support intern in Manulife Business Processing Services, Philippines before continuing his studies and acquired a Certificate in Web Developer that would allow him work more closely on developing websites through SAIT. Currently, Vincent is responsible for website development and design, as well as any IT and software related work within the organization.

Jireh M.

Jireh serves as an indispensable Account Manager at Katigbak Technologies, playing a pivotal role as the initial point of contact with clients. Working seamlessly alongside the brand developer and marketing strategist, Jireh ensures a cohesive and strategic approach in meeting clients' needs. Her dedication to client satisfaction goes beyond mere communication; she acts as the crucial liaison between clients and the content creation team, ensuring that the vision and objectives are effectively communicated and executed. Jireh's commitment to excellence shines through as she takes charge of the final completion of various projects, including social media posts, websites, and video marketing initiatives. With her keen attention to detail and proactive approach, Jireh consistently contributes to the success of each project, ensuring not only the meeting of deadlines but also the delivery of high-quality and impactful solutions for Katigbak Technologies' clientele.

Ann S.

Ann is a sales assistant at Katigbak Technologies. She plays a vital role in supporting the sales team with various tasks. Her responsibilities include outreach, cold calling, reception duties, appointment scheduling, and assisting with administrative tasks. Ann efficiently schedules appointments with clients and team members, ensuring a smooth flow of meetings. She also books leads for discovery calls and follows up with them to ensure customer satisfaction. Ann proactively conducts cold calls to generate new business opportunities. She leverages social media platforms to expand the company's outreach and generate leads. With her organized approach, she keeps track of appointments and scheduling in a timely manner. Ann's dedication and versatility make her an invaluable member of the Katigbak Technologies team.

Michael B.

Meet Michael, a highly skilled web designer and developer at Katigbak Technologies. Michael plays a crucial role in our team with a keen eye for design and a passion for seamless functionality. He collaborates closely with brand developers and marketing strategists to ensure that the websites he creates meet and exceed our clients' expectations. Michael's commitment to excellence is evident in his meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that each website aligns perfectly with the aesthetic of the client's niche. Beyond aesthetics, he focuses on functionality, ensuring that every element works harmoniously to provide an optimal user experience. Michael takes pride in his work, ensuring that each website looks appealing and contains all the necessary information for user ease. His dedication to crafting visually stunning and user-friendly websites reflects his commitment to delivering top-notch solutions for our clients at Katigbak Technologies.

Albert M.

Albert is an invaluable member of the Katigbak Technologies team, serving as one of our skilled video editors. With a wealth of experience in both information technology (IT) and visuals, Albert brings a unique blend of technical expertise and creative flair to his role. Clients can trust Albert and the entire video editing team to transform their ideas into captivating visual experiences. Albert excels in every aspect of the video production process, seamlessly navigating through the intricacies of planning, editing, and post-production work. His dedication and proficiency ensure that your vision not only comes to life but is brought to fruition with precision and innovation. With Albert at the helm, Katigbak Technologies guarantees a seamless and visually stunning realization of your creative aspirations.

Ian G.

Ian is a valued member of the Katigbak Technologies team, contributing as one of our talented video editors. Ian brings a fresh and creative perspective to the video editing team. His passion for visuals and storytelling sets him apart, allowing him to approach projects with a unique and artistic eye. Clients can rely on Ian and the video editing team to breathe life into their ideas, as he excels in planning, editing, and post-production work. Ian's commitment to excellence, coupled with his creative instincts, ensures that your vision is not only realized but is infused with a distinct and imaginative touch. With Ian on board, Katigbak Technologies continues to deliver high-quality, visually compelling content that captivates and resonates with audiences.

Jessica G.

Jessica plays a pivotal role at Katigbak Technologies as our Brand Developer and Marketing Strategist. As one of the first points of contact with clients, she embodies the essence of our company's values and vision. Jessica's expertise lies in consulting on branding and messaging, where she crafts innovative strategies to elevate our brand identity. Her keen understanding of business needs allows her to tailor marketing initiatives that resonate with our target audience. She works closely with the content creation team, ensuring that the narrative aligns seamlessly with our brand strategy. With a sharp focus on aligning branding with corporate objectives, Jessica ensures that every marketing effort is not only aesthetically pleasing but also purposefully aligned with our overarching goals. Her dedication to clarity and precision in messaging guarantees that clients not only comprehend our offerings but also recognize the unique value Katigbak Technologies brings to the market. Jessica's role is instrumental in shaping the company's narrative and fostering lasting connections with our clients.

Kristine G.

Kristine is one of our dynamic social media content creators. Specializing in crafting compelling narratives and eye-catching content for our clients, Kristine goes beyond traditional roles. She not only assists with copywriting to effectively convey our brand's message but also excels in creating visually appealing and engaging material. One of Kristine's key strengths lies in her strategic approach to scheduling content. By meticulously planning and organizing posts, she ensures a consistent and reliable online presence for our clients. This dedication to scheduling contributes to a steady flow of updates, keeping our audience engaged and invested in our social media channels. Kristine is not just about posting content; she understands the importance of fostering a genuine connection with our audience. Actively cultivating regular engagement by responding to comments, initiating conversations, and implementing strategies that spark interest and interaction, Kristine transforms our social media platforms into vibrant communities that thrive on meaningful engagement and dynamic content. With Kristine on board, our socials become a dynamic showcase of our brand, attracting and retaining a dedicated audience.


Baymax is our Artificial Intelligence behind Katigbak Technologies. He is the one that informs us of the latest technologies to implement for our business. We've created an all-in-one marketing and IT platform to help small businesses scale rapidly online. When we are having system issues, Baymax is the one that will take care of it.


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