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How to Audit Your Brand

➶➶ Have you audited your brand? ➷➷
The truth is we need to evaluate our brand from time to time to help it grow and succeed.💪
Here’s what you can do to audit your brand and level up your business!
💡 Logo: Make sure your logo matches and describes your brand through imagery, it’s your legacy!
💡 Webpage: Is your website or landing page serving as your storefront?
💡 Communication: Is your brand voice friendly? Does it share the message you expect?
💡 Consistency: Do you use random colors and fonts every time or are they consistent?
💡 Social Media: Is your brand messaging coming through?
💡 Perceptions: How do people perceive your brand?
Also, make sure to audit your brand internally, which means you should make sure your mission and vision are aligned with your business.🤝
Moreover, evaluate your products and services to ensure they’re the best option for your target audience!💯
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