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Result-based Marketing

We’ve been using the exact same system Canada-wide to regularly add an extra $10-20K+ in revenue for spas/medical spas & beauty salons within 30 days, WITHOUT you lifting a finger. We Do It All For You!

Step 1: The Irresistible Offer

The fact of the matter is, there is always going to be a customer. You just have to find them. It’s a simple supply and demand scenario, to get them through your door, however, is an entirely different story.

The majority of marketing agencies who cater to spas/medspas & beauty salons typically don’t have a good system in place that helps owners create marketing campaigns and out-of-the-box offers, this is where we come in…

At Katigbak Technologies, we work with you to create IRRESISTIBLE offers that will get clients booking with you from morning until night. From content planning to the final ad approval, we can ensure leads for your business guaranteed while also ensuring the offers you provide are so good, they keep coming back for more.

Step 2: The KTGBK System

Not only do we acquire new leads for your business we can also tap in on your already built list of contacts, nurturing them to be recurring and consistent clients. We follow up with them and provide them exclusive deals and offers they can’t get anywhere else. We can also reach your contacts through multiple touchpoints – SMS, Email, and Social Media.

In addition, you will be able to schedule, manage and follow-up on appointments without lifting a finger, our system streamlines the process for you.

With this proven system, this is the best way to get an instant ROI and putting your cash flow to work, not you.

Step 3. Proven Paid Ads

Have online ads on Google, Facebook and Instagram running for you 24/7, 365 days a year. With Ads, you’ll never have to look for new patients again because they will find you instead. Not only is it less expensive than your usual traditional marketing, you actually will be able to track and analyze the data that we provide through our system.

With trial and error, our proven ads have generated an excellent ROI for our clients. We know exactly what type of graphics and copywriting to use to get new patients to book an appointment!

Now you will have a clear view of where to assign your marketing expenditures and rapidly grow your patient/client list.

Step 4: Proven Sales Funnels

We will introduce you to our proven sales funnels to acquire NEW patients/clients for your business. This will generate a consistent flow of patient/client leads automatically or what we like to say “automagically”.

What’s unique about our sales funnels compared to what other digital marketing agencies provide is that we have a system that allows the integration of paid ads, SMS, Email and Voice Call to generate new bookings.

With no additional work from your end and once the system is in action, it will revolutionize your business.

Step 5: Show You The Results

We know that seeing is believing, this is why we have created a dashboard that tracks the overall health of your pipeline. In the system that you will have access to, you will have visibility of where the leads came in and what stage they are in the sales cycle (Hot lead, booking request, booking confirmed and etc.).

With our system, you will have access to Facebook and Google Reporting so you can monitor the performance of your ads.

The reason why we generate exceptional results for our spas/medical spas & beauty salon clients is that we only work with ONE spa/medical spa & beauty salon per area. We ensure that you’re the only one with unique, compelling social media feeds and ads that speak to your ideal patient/client.

Step 6: Social Media Management

For any business owner, creating and publishing content every day can be very overwhelming. Thankfully, we are a social media management expert team ready to help you. We will save you time and ensure your content reaches the right audience at the right time.

The reason why many spas/medical spas & beauty salons choose us is that we make your content cohesive to your brand while constantly generating new appointments. This is a truly done-for-you system that will take your spa/medical spa or beauty salons to the next level.


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